About Us

Our Story

ELWADI Export Company is an Egyptian shareholding company considered as a pioneer in the field of export. Its experience in this field extends in this respect to more than forty years (established 1964). During this period the company has gained a wide reputation for being distinctive in choosing the best products, preparing and packing them to comply with the best Egyptian and international specifications. Today, the company’s exports reports have reached a wide range of international markets extended to the Arab countries and a number of European, Asian and especially Egyptian citrus under the trademarks of “NEFERTITI”, “NILE”, “NEFERTARI”, “HADEEL”, “ELMOGHAZI” and more.

Our Vision

Our challenging world of limited resources is becoming in more need of agricultural products day after day. 

Our Mission

ELWADI have been working in the field of Agriculture since 1976. As a leading company of growing and exporting agricultural products, Before delivering products to our customers we deliver value and trust.

The Main Products exports:

Citrus, Pomegranate, Grapes, Fresh Onion, Fresh Garlic, Potatoes, Peanuts, Medical and Aromatic Herbs Seeds, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Yarn, other miscellaneous products.

Navel orange
Baladi orange
Valencia orange

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